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PAN-EU – Pan-European Program

Amazon PAN-EU: The Definition, The Advantages & Any Disadvantages

Has your online business reaching an optimum level? Then Amazon’s PAN-EU program helps FBA sellers to sell their goods to Amazon customers across the EU more efficiently than ever before. Fastest deliveries and lower costs.

A Brief Overview:

PAN-EU FBA enables sellers to deliver their inventory to a local fulfilment centre for Amazon to take care of the logistics; automatically shipping sellers’ products across its European Fulfilment Network according to the anticipated local customer demand. The product will then be fulfilled from the closest warehouse.

The Pan-European FBA service can also benefit sellers to grow their business by making their products entitled for ‘Amazon Prime’. This means they will have access to millions of Amazon’s most loyal customers, along with Amazon’s trusted and admired customer service.

How does Pan-European FBA work?

1. Start:

Online sellers register products that are eligible for Pan-European FBA;

2. Shipping:

Online sellers ship Pan-European FBA registered products to a local Amazon Fulfilment Centres, based on the projected local demand (no additional costs for the seller);

3. Orders:

When customers order your products, Amazon will handle the fulfilment logistics and provide fast, reliable delivery from the closest fulfilment centre where the product is available;

4. Additional Cost:

When delivered, sellers will only pay the local fulfilment fee of the marketplace in which the product was ordered, there will be no cross-border charge.

Quick Facts

Amazon FBA what is it?

With PAN-EU you can store your products possibly in all fulfilment centres throughout Europe, Amazon stores your goods subject to anticipated local customer demand. This means that you can sell to not only all EU Marketplaces, but also with Amazon’s most loyal customers, with Amazon in control of the storage across all the EU fulfilment centres.

When is it the right choice for me?

The PAN-EU program is the best solution for big sellers with a turnover of at least 1,500 units per month, with no cross-border fees.

How can it benefit me?

Your FBA inventory can be stored across all European warehouses centres, ensuring the fastest delivery times and further, all products get Prime status. The customer usually gets there order on the next weekday.

Any disadvantages?

With this PAN-EU option you will require to VAT register in all countries which your goods are stored, and will entail a lot of duties and paperwork.